Most Played Blackjack Games and Their Differences

Blackjack can be classified as one of those games that are addictive, as many people seem to be playing it all day long. The popular card game remains unbeatable in many factors as people never leave it for other kinds of games that pop up in the online platform. But there are certain types of Blackjack games which might sound the same but has differences. So, we are going to list down the significant differences between these games so that you do not get confused.

Classic Blackjack

One should never forget about the game that started it all. Classic Blackjack is one of the most common ways of playing the original that many continue to do at casinos and other spots. It includes 1 to 8 decks and the number of used decks usually are of the number of 2 and 4. The option of double up and split up is also available at the same time. Apart from the usual double up, there is also a total of 2 resplits that are allowed. In such scenarios, the dealer also looks for Blackjack at common instances according to the direction of the game.

Blackjack Switch

The Blackjack Switch is another common form of Blackjack that is widely enjoyed in a variety of places and casinos. Unlike Classic Blackjack, here the players are allowed to double on a split and re-separation up to four turns is readily available. The payout in Blackjack makes the game extremely unique when compared to the rest, as it is even. In this scenario, 17 can be considered as a soft type hit by the dealer.

European Blackjack

Two deck cards and a game where the dealer and player results with a push can be the ideal way to describe European Blackjack. Here the dealer does not inspect, and players are usually allowed to make double. This is a down type in case they lend themselves with a total of 9, 10 or 11. Resplit-up is not permitted, but nobody restricts you from doubling at the end of the split-up. European Blackjack is also taking shape in the minds of players, as everyone is fond of a little mix when it comes to the actual rules and regulations.

Pontoon Blackjack

Pontoon Blackjack is a two-card game that values of at least 21 roll-overs the game. Unlike the common set of rules, here the players are only allowed to stand in case there is a total of 15 or more. The dealer plays it smart as he/she decides to hit sift on 17 in order to win all the push. In terms of strategies and methods, the game also features an additional five-card trick that helps players to win big.

Blackjack Apps

Top  FREE Blackjack Trainer Apps to Sharpen Your Gambling Skills

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It is common knowledge that practice makes perfect and this is true especially when it comes to playing blackjacks. Blackjack is a game which requires you to have consistency and it requires the right practice to help ensure that your are skilled to play at a pro level. If you want to sharpen your knowledge of blackjacks there are many free blackjack training apps which can move to other level as you progress. If you want to know about these learning apps we have some.

Blackjack trainer strategy simulator

This is one of the best app to help sharpen your knowledge of the game. The game is set in an actual casino which have five players with the dealer. It is a strategy and card counting trainer game which is based on tested strategies. As this game offers multiple players you can learn how the cards are dealt with and develop your composition-development strategy. It is a game which all beginners can enjoy.

Blackjack trainer lite

This app is an entry level app which performs well as it moves like hitting, standing, doubling, surrendering and splitting. This can help beginners develop a style of playing which has a colour coded strategy chart you can use both hands or just single hand strategy and the game will teach you all about the strategies.

Blackjack dealer trainers

In this app you can be sure of studying how difficult it is identify your card value with speed. As these dealers are looking in to multiple players, they have to cater to each of them. After learning the first level of the game you will become the dealer where you can learn all the tips and tricks of playing the game from the dealers point of view. The developers advice you to use the app carefully as it can crash and they advice you to reboot it after it crashes one to go back to normal.

Blackjack Apprenticeship strategy drill


Blackjack Apprenticeship strategy drill is the simplest of all the platforms. It is an android web application which allows you to sharpen you strategy skills. All you have to do is draw two cards and then decide if you want to hit, stand, double, split or surrender. Also, you can easily check the right screen to ensure that your move is proper.

Card counter free lite

This app has demonstrated to have some practice levels that allows you to study the game from the beginning. The developers put a word out which claims to be the best for practicing and refreshing your counting skills. Also, you can set the level of difficulty and also look into the tutorial mode to learn better.